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DCP Interpacks are general purpose control interfaces which offer simple easy to use control and analogue or digital inputs when connected to a computer.

Interpacks were introduced in the 1980’s and thousands have been sold with many still in use by OEM manufacturers, education and home enthusiasts, which is why they still remain available. We decided to include them on our new web site as they still have a place in specific applications and are are a foundation stone in our history. Over the years they have enjoyed wide ranging application from home heating controls to exhibition models, control education to counting bats! Some years ago there was even an article in the Sunday Times Magazine which showed scientists using them to show changes in the atmosphere inside a haunted house!
They are based on established standard integrated circuit technology which can be serviced and maintained and are ideal for educators and experimenters who have access to older computers - in fact many would argue that it is much easier and clearer to write and debug a control program in Basic than in a windows or graphical environment. They work with specific types of computers, some old ones from the 1980’s like Sinclair Spectrums and BBC Micros (which are still in use!) to an older which has an 8 or 16 bit ISA card socket and has GW Basic or most other programming language which supports reading to specific addresses.

The Interpack system is based on 2 parts - the Interpack which is the main part, and an intercard - a small personality module which clips into the Interpack and has the connector and electronics which makes it work with a specific type of computer. There is also a ‘DCP BUS Intercard’ which allows you to stack several Interpacks together.

Interpacks - the main control / input module

DCP 013 Interpack 1 - 8 analogue inputs, 4 output relays, 4 switch inputs
DCP 024 Interpack 2 - 6 Relays, 8 Switch Inputs
DCP 030 Interpack 3 - 3 Stepper motor outputs, 8 Switch inputs


Interpack1 with ZX Intercard

Intercards - these connect the Interpacks to specific computers as below
DCP 032 IBM PC/XT Intercard (for standard PC with free XT/AT card slot)
DCP 014 ZX Intercard (for ZX Spectrum/+/+2/+3/128/81)
DCP 015 BBC/Master Intercard (inc 240V ac PSU)
DCP 019 Commodore 64/C/128 Intercard
DCP 020 Apple ll/lle/llGS Intercard
DCP 021 Amstrad Intercard (CPC 4-664/6128)
DCP 022 DCP BUS Intercard - allows you to stack Interpacks together

Main accessories (others available - please see price list)
DCP 010 DAC Pack - Digital to Analogue converter for any Interpack or Interbeeb
DCP 011 AD Pack- Analogue to Digital converter for any Interpack or Interbeeb
DCP 012 LAB Pack-V, I & pH inputs, sine, sq, tri sig gen for Interpack 1 or Interbeeb

At the time of writing there are also a few ‘Interbeeb’ available (An Interpack 1 for BBC Micro/Master only) at special pricing to clear.


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If you would like detailed information on an Interpack or a review of the range please eMail us info@dcpmicro.com and we will be happy to eMail or post you an information pack.



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